Communication Challenges Begin

In a matter of a week, MoxyTech and their application, GeoPain, is going to be taken offline after consumers have been using it since 2014. This transition is going to bring out a lot of strong opinions and concerns from consumers, but in order to make sure that this change is executed as smoothly as possible, good communication is needed between the company and its users, researchers, and clinics that all use MoxyTech’s services on a regular basis.

MoxyTech is a medical technology start-up in Ann Arbor, Michigan that specializes in assisting people within the chronic pain community. Their main service, that is available to consumers, is an app that helps track chronic pain and also communicates with clinics and research facilities. This giant web of communication and technology is in the midst of a large change as this application and its accompanying server will no longer be available for new users and updates will not be available either.

This is where I come in to help during this transition. My main responsibility during the next couple months will be to communicate with users in a positive manner than promotes the company and hopefully proves to users that MoxyTech is a company that is focused on the health and well-being of its users more than anything.

The first assignment that I received was to write copy for email, social media and the website about the upcoming changes, not a process I was unfamiliar with since I have been writing for Concordia University Ann Arbor for over two years. However, this copy would be different since it was to be in the voice of MoxyTech and it would be delivering an extremely important message about the GeoPain app and server.

Throughout the week, I worked with the co-founder of MoxyTech to learn more about the company and its upcoming transition in order to generate a clear and concise message. Although ideas were fairly streamlined throughout all mediums, it was a challenge to ensure that each medium (email, webpage, and social media) had slight variation while relaying the same essential message.

There was no doubt that negative feedback was coming our way after these initial messages were sent out. However, after receiving the thoughts of many users, MoxyTech decided to make a plan for sending out further emails and social media messages to keep users engaged and updated throughout the transition.

In the coming weeks I will be researching the chronic pain community and topics that are received well by its members. Following the research I will be coming up with a social media and blogging plan for the summer. This will definitely be a communication challenge that does nothing but grow, but I am positive that I will be able to conquer the challenge and help MoxyTech retain their current consumer base and hopefully increase the number of users they have once the update is complete.

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