Creating a New Voice

Now that initial communication has been sent out to users concerning MoxyTech’s updates, a plan for further communication must be set. Although a task like this may seem simple, keeping users engaged during a time where they may feel deserted by a service they rely on (even though there is an offline version of the app) will prove to be a challenge. However, a communication/blogging plan has been created and on July 3 it will be set into motion. 

Since the release of MoxyTech’s updated server and app is set for early September, users need to be kept engaged for the next couple of months as the company goes “underground”. In my experience within the marketing and communications department at Concordia University, one of the best ways to keep people engaged is by maintaining a company blog. That is why over the past week I have taken time to research the chronic pain community and decide on a series of topics to write about and release to readers on a weekly basis.

Before coming up with topics, I decided on some main goals that I plan to kep as I write blogs for the next couple months. They are:

  • Help people stay engaged with the company
  • Remind users that MoxyTech is still here for them
  • Share facts and stories about the chronic pain community
  • Use a personal/conversational writing style
  • Take formal study reports and turn them into pleasant articles for the average person to read

Following these self-defined guidelines and goals will help my writing have a streamlined style, making each blog enjoyable for readers. July 3rd is the set date for the first blog to be released. I am definitely excited for the opportunity to supply MoxyTech with engaging content for their blogs and I hope that this increase in web content will attract new users and retain the users MoxyTech already faithfully serves.

Published by alliemilot

Student, Artist, Musician, Writer

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