Set Apart by Writing

After taking time to make a blog plan for the summer it was time to begin the writing process. The first topic I chose to write about was the impact the current pandemic had on how healthcare was administered to people, especially chronic pain patients. A lot of focus has been obviously put on the cases of COVID-19 that have entered the healthcare system, but people with ongoing healthcare conditions have not been forgotten.

In fact, a lot of new technologies have been developed in order to continue serving patients during this time. Since I did not know a lot about these technologies and their impact on patients across the country, I had to do some research before I wrote out an entire blog. The article that I referenced was written by The Journal of International Association for the Study of Pain. This is a reliable medical journal that gave me great insight about what healthcare facilities have been doing in order to stay connected with all of their patients. 

In addition to the information that I received from this article I was also able to plug Moxytech’s GeoPain application that has been a form of technology used to help chronic pain patients manage their pain and also stay in contact with their doctors even when they cannot meet with them in person. 

The only struggle that I have faced while writing is finding the extra, personal touch that is needed to reflect Moxytech’s mission and voice within this first blog. I was able to relay the information I learned about GeoPain, the chronic pain community, and the pandemic’s effect on chronic pain care, however something was still missing. 

Before the official post can be made, this missing link needs to be discovered. However, once it is found, being able to translate the same effect into future blog posts will be fairly simple. However, right now there seems to be a slight road bump that we are facing.

More to come in future weeks on the blogging/online presence progress that is being made at MoxyTech.

If you’re interested in reading the completed blog click here.

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