Knowing Your Role

After taking extra time to discover a way to stand out among other articles concerning chronic pain, it’s time to use those same strategies to write a second blog for MoxyTech. If you happened to miss the first article that I wrote for MoxyTech about the changes in healthcare due to the current global pandemic, here’s a link

The next topic that I will cover will be chronic pain, ethnicity, and socio-demographics. From my research, I have found that there are a lot of facts swirling around about the misrepresentation of people with chronic pain, how ethnicity relates to the effects of chronic pain and how socio-demographics play a key role in people’s ability to receive recognition of their pain and treatment for it as well. There have been many studies done on this topic and I am excited to dig into all the new information before I begin writing.

Along with a new way of writing that I have adapted to (in comparison to the way I normally wrote for Concordia University Ann Arbor), being extremely flexible and acknowledging MoxyTech’s goals and agenda have been an essential part of this internship. I am always happy to write blog posts, along with copywriting for the website and social media pages, however I need to remember to align my goals with the goals of the company. 

Sometimes I find myself in a mindset where I want to stick to my original plans and think that if the schedule has to be pushed back or sped up in any way, failure is sure to follow. That is a completely wrong mindset to have in this line of work.

Being flexible and knowing that working as part of a team means that plans will ultimately shift and change is sometimes more important than the end result of my work. Making a plan for success and communicating that plan with others is essential, but having the ability to go with the flow, taking what the day gives you, is an irreplaceable skill.

Flexibility within a job is not a foreign concept to me, especially given my experience working for a university where plans and ideas seem to change every day. However, working with a start-up that is facing some serious changes within the company is an entirely new adventure for me. I have learned a lot, and I know more changes are coming my way, but I am willing to put my own agenda aside in order to make sure the team I am working for is able to succeed.

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