What was left at the office | What was found at home

At this point in my internship I am about halfway through the work I’ll be doing for MoxyTech. I still have a lot of questions and sometimes I feel a little lost. Although I have discovered more about the company I am working for and about our goals for the summer, I still struggle to find confidence in my work and my communication with other members of my team at MoxyTech and SPARK Ann Arbor. 

Working from home is especially hard for a person that loves to work in an open office setting where popping over to a co-worker’s desk happens often throughout the day. Creative ideas bounce off the walls, chatter between problem-solving individuals fills the air, and clear hours of when working begins and ends are known. All of these things I seriously miss, however, sitting here missing the things I was used to isn’t going to bring anything back .

Throughout my time as a marketing assistant or even working in the Academic Resource Center at my university, I often found myself popping into my superior’s office asking questions like “What do you think about this blog? What if we tried this strategy? Is this the way you were imagining the look of this layout?”. Instant feedback would then validate my choices or help me make new ones. Now, I am forced to send an email, Slack message, or make a phone call and hope my boss and I are both on the same work schedule and are able to give each other timely feedback. We do not live in a perfect world, so unfortunately the “instant” feedback that technology is supposed to grant us just becomes whenever-we-both-have-time-to-check-our-emails feedback and hope-the-written-words-convey-the-same-idea-I-had-in-my-head replies.

Working remotely isn’t entirely a new practice for me, as I worked for a company in Georgia called Leadercast from the comfort of my home from April to August 2019. Working remotely this summer somehow feels entirely different and has definitely pushed me in my abilities to be confident in what I can produce and in my ways of communicating and managing my time well. One huge aspect of this summer that has kept me working steadily with a positive attitude is my boss with whom I have been working directly under, Eric Maslowski. 

This man is someone who, despite being extremely busy with many changes that are affecting his company, still takes the time to call, email, or message me about the work that I am doing. He lets me share my ideas fully and seems to always have something encouraging to say. We have worked well together this far into my internship. Eric is someone who has strong opinions and plans but does not lessen my ideas and opinions when I bring them up when working on a project. Collaboratively we work together to create effective forms of communication that will not only educate the users of the GeoPain app but inform and engage many members of the chronic pain community that MoxyTech has courageously decided to step into and support.

Now I know I said I miss stepping into a physical office everyday, but the reality is that this summer, a physical place of work is not really a possibility for most people, including myself. Although I do feel like I have lost plenty from the lack of personal interactions I am able to engage in, not everything has been lost. I still am doing work that I enjoy for a company that is working towards making real change in a community that deserves greater attention. For that, I am extremely thankful.

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