New Week New Skills

We have passed the midway point of summer and August is steadily approaching. I have been working on blogs this summer, writing copy for web pages and emails, but now it’s time to learn some new skills to finish out the summer strong.

Too add to my list of new things I have learned this summer which so far includes: writing with a new voice for a company I wasn’t familiar with, researching the chronic pain community, working with a start-up company, and participating in a 100% virtual internship, I have added experiences learning the program DMesh, and I will also be learning the basics of html in the weeks to come.

DMesh is a custom creative application that works on both Macs and PCs that takes ordinary pictures and turns them into 2D, techy pieces of art. This art, for MoxyTech, is all over their GeoPain website and has become an essential aspect of their brand. In simple terms, this app turns photos in a series of triangles to keep them recognizable but also give them a unique look. An example of this can be found at the GeoPain website (or below).

Although creating geometric art can be time-consuming for anyone, now that I have the knowledge of how to run the program, I am able to take a small piece of work off of my boss’s plate, which is always a good feeling.

Later this week and into next week, I will also be learning basic html. This is a skill I have always been interested in learning. Moving into the professional world, it will be essential to be able to seamlessly work with other graphic and web designers. Having a clue about the language of html will help me to communicate with the people I will undoubtedly work with in the future. 

Learning new skills is something I am always interested in, especially when it comes to skills in the digital art/marketing world. Although these two skills seem minimal on paper (or on your screen), having this knowledge and adaptability will be extremely useful moving forward. Although I do not plan on completely mastering either of these skills anytime soon, learning the basics and expanding my knowledge will remain an irreplaceable experience.

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