8 reasons to shop local

Every city and state are unique. However, so many people fail to tap into their local businesses and resources to support the people within their own community.

Why is this?

Are people more comfortable shopping online? Probably.

Do people not want to step outside of their corporate company comfort zone? Most definitely.

Whether you are a full-time local shopper, a corporate fan or are on the fence about where and how to spend your money, consider the following reasons why you should shop local today.

1. Keep money in the local economy

According to a Michigan’s Local First study, for every $100 local dollars that are spent, $73 are returned to the local community. In direct contrast, only $43 are returned when money is spent at non-local businesses. Also, local businesses are more likely to buy goods from other local businesses which keeps the money in the community along with stimulating the local economy.

2. Create local jobs

Small, local businesses are known to be ones who are more likely to create new jobs. They also tend to pay their employees more than their corporate competitors.

3. Take advantage of local expertise

No one knows a business better than the owner themselves. They are dedicated to their products or services and are the perfect people to ask any and all questions you may have about what they have to offer. This type of expertise will never be found at a large company’s store, simply because there is too much to know about; not all workers at large stores have the same level of passion and commitment to the business.

4. Invest in entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are people who are willing to take risks for the things they love. Support these people in order to ensure a strong and thriving local community.

5. Enjoy locally-made or grown products

From coffee-roasters to local farmers to clothing store owners, you can be sure that what you are receiving is made naturally and in small batches. Also, the original flavors, produce, or designs are often only available at local shops, unlike the mainstream items you can find an any department store across the country.

6. Connect with local owners

Often times, owners can be found in the shops they own or at the farm stands they run. It is always exciting to meet the person who hand-sewed your new scarf or hat or hand-picked the fresh fruit and veggies that you get to take home.

7. Improve your health

There are two main ways that shopping local can impact your personal health. One, it gets you out the door. No more online shopping and 2-day shipping. In order to shop local, you have to get up and go to the stores you wish to support. Additionally, you can be guaranteed that the local food you buy is chemical and pesticide free – far better for your body!

8. Support non-profits

Local businesses are far more likely to give back to their own communities than corporate companies. In fact, Sue Lynn Sasser, an economics professor at the University of Oklahoma, stated that “non-profits receive 250 percent more support from small business than large ones.”

If you’re still not convinced, I would invite you to give shopping locally a try. It’s easier than it seems, and it helps your community maintain its strength and individuality.



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