Photo Story Friday: The Sand and the Sea

There is a love-hate relationship between the rolling waves of the ocean and the soft, sandy shores. Each day brings a new cycle of the romance that is rotating faster than the common man can process.

The cycle begins in the early morning. The brilliant sun scales the horizon with rising warmth from behind the clouds of the night. The sky is painted with tones of orange and pink; although the sky may seem welcoming, the rushing, salted waters of the sea remain at a distance from the shore.

Hesitant, throughout the day, there is an unspoken pull the water has to the sand. The solid ground is steady: without movement, it remains the same. This rooted consistency is intriguing to the waves and gradually they become comfortable with the idea of moving towards the curious unknown.

The shore is patient. It does not force its wants or opinions onto those of the sea. The sea is not forcibly emptied, dragged forward, or poured out again on the shore. The salted water moves where it wants, at the pace it desires. The shore remains hopeful, longing to be touched by a single drip of water. Some days, the waiting is too much for the shore and whispering winds come to sweep up patches of the earth and move them to new locations, far from the ocean’s reach. The sand becomes isolated, losing faith that it will ever be shown affection by the waves of the sea. However, patches of sand remain by the shoreline, fully convinced that the ocean will eventually find a need to move in closer to touch the dry sand.

The day progresses and the water crawls up the shore substantially. The shore longs for more and the sea graciously obliges. The sun begins to set behind the clouds, the oranges and yellows, painted across a patient sky awaiting the arrival of the moon. Strong winds and crashing waves overturned the shore and it becomes one with the rushing water. The sea has finally returned to its love for what feels like a moment. For the shore and the sea both know that only hours remain until the cycle begins again with the rising of the sun.

Published by alliemilot

Student, Artist, Musician, Writer

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