Photo Story Friday: Thoughts of the Innocent




Who sees her worth? Who takes time to turn an eye towards a creature such as this when there are so many other sights to be seen? She could fade away, break a wing, no one would notice. Who would really care?

In the city, there is rarely a break from the comparison of others. Feeling worthless was part of her daily routine. An innocent insect sits on a petal contemplating life; would it be better to continue living alone or simply fall from the bud where she landed? Would anyone see her laying there; lifeless, hugging the concrete of the city streets below her?

Questions, questions, questions.Where would these questions lead?

Dusk falling over her mind, sun setting on her hope. Too many like her already existed. Her beauty was washed out by the glorious essence of her countless fluttering sisters that lived on the outskirts of the cement hub of humanity. Sometimes only inches from her side, mocking her for what she was never able to find: someone to spot her, capture a moment with her, appreciate her, maybe even love her.

Hatching from her cocoon with a deformity on one wing, she felt utterly undesirable. Barely balancing on the legs supporting her weight, she straddles the blossom, shielded by the translucent, green leaves so that one may not be disturbed by even a glimpse of her ever-present brokenness. No one flew near; they simply leaped into open air, high above the leafy plants nestled between bike racks and park benches.

Her family seemed happy, floating effortlessly in the big blue sky. She sat below, wondering what it felt like to be up there for more than a minute or two. A gentle breeze supporting her, feeling beautiful. Beautiful. That type of beauty was not meant for her life, she supposed. The emotionally shattered pieces of which she was composed were left to wander alone, apart from the crowd. She would wait patiently for an admirer or for her end, whichever came first.

Who knew such dreadful thoughts could belong to something so lovely? To one passing by, she may seem perfect, her flaws hidden from the naked eye. No one knew what hid within the depths of her being. No one dared to get close enough to discover where those depths led. No one seemed to care, nothing was there to support her, accept for the lifeless flowers on which she landed.

Published by alliemilot

Student, Artist, Musician, Writer

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