Concordia University Ann Arbor hosts student art show by Allie Milot

From April 5-14, 2021, Concordia University Ann Arbor is hosting a student art show by senior digital media design student, Allie Milot in the Kreft Center for the Arts on central campus.

It has been a long time coming for in-person art shows to begin again amidst the global pandemic. However, at Concordia, Milot has been given the opportunity to share her art, art that has been in the making since the fall of 2017.

“Being able to show my art in person brings me so much joy. It has been a long year and given this opportunity to showcase my work is incredible,” Milot exclaimed. 

Most museums and galleries have been closed or only open for a select audience since the pandemic began in March 2020. This show is a definite turning point for the school and community in terms of bringing in-person, indoor art-viewing back to Ann Arbor. 

The theme of the gallery is “Connect the Dots” and it displays Milot’s two artistic loves: photography and minimalist graphic illustration. The gallery is also designed to “be a place where viewers can interact with the art and move around the gallery space in an unconventional way.” 

Not only can viewers see the 28 pieces in-person, but they are also able to play a game when they enter the glass gallery doors. “There are really only 14 pieces, but each photograph has a matching minimalist illustration that mimics the look of the photo.” Each person is then responsible to fill out the online form and “connect the dots” between the digital photographs and the illustrations.

Additionally, guests who connect the dots correctly have a chance to win a set of images (one photo and one matching illustration) for free! Prints by Allie Milot are also available for purchase if guests are interested in pieces from Milot’s portfolio that are either spoken for or not featured at the show.

The gallery is open all day for any CUAA student, staff, or faculty member. However, outside guests must use the sign-up link to register for a 30-minute time slot between 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm to view the show. Slots are quickly filling up, so sign-up today.

Use this link to sign-up for a time to view Milot’s show.

Visit Milot’s portfolio to see more of her work.

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