Photo Story Friday: Online Dating: Just a walk is all you need

“You’re going on a walk? Just a walk? What kind of first date is that?” Avery’s best friend and roommate, Syd, exclaimed when Avery told her she had met someone… online. Avery had had close to no luck in the past. Boy after boy would come and go. They’d break her heart, ignore her completely,Continue reading “Photo Story Friday: Online Dating: Just a walk is all you need”

Photo Story Friday: Impatiently Waiting

Opening Note: “She”, as the narrator, remains unnamed throughout the entire story, along with her co-character, “He”. Neither one of these characters are real people, rather they are representations of emotion. Both of these characters represent the various views of passion, love, commitment and fear. They do not represent any actual people and should notContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: Impatiently Waiting”


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