Photo Story Friday: My Friend Gerald

Behind the brick townhouses off the coast of Maine, there lies a still river. Each and every day, Lindsey waddles down to the side of the slowly rushing waters and throws leftover bread crumbs to the ducks that reside there. Although she is only a twelve year old girl, blonde tendrils of hair cascading overContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: My Friend Gerald”

Photo Story Friday: Online Dating

IMPORTANT INFO: This story is completely fictional. It is based solely off of a collaboration of my friends’ experiences along with my own imagination. No character is to be an exact portrayal of a real person. Online dating: a resource never to be used in an attempt to find the one; or so I’m told, although IContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: Online Dating”

Photo Story Friday: The Bench

We’re bring back an old favorite as part of the photographic short story series her on the Digital Life of Allie Milot. In order to streamline my work, I will be releasing the short stories that have been published already on Eventually that website will fade out and all of my photographic short storiesContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: The Bench”

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