National Poetry Month: let’s read, write and celebrate!

April is National Poetry Month and as a poet myself, I want to share some poems that I have written in the past few months. Poetry is something that is personal and impersonal at the same time. Poets are capable of writing about a specific incident in their lives while millions of people are stillContinue reading “National Poetry Month: let’s read, write and celebrate!”

Photo Story Friday: Walking Revelations

I want to write for myself, as myself. One that has not been inspired to write just for the love of it in eight months or so. My mind has been distracted, filled with worry, and has simply been tired. I took a walk by myself a few weeks ago. This is something that hasContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: Walking Revelations”

Photo Story Friday: Summer Wedding People Watching

The mid-June Michigan heat beat down on Vivian as she sat behind the flowers near the party tent of her cousin Hannah’s wedding. This day had been a nightmare filled with relatives she hadn’t seen in over ten years, interactions with annoying cousins all while being forced to smile in family photos. With every cameraContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: Summer Wedding People Watching”

Photo Story Friday: Impatiently Waiting

Opening Note: “She”, as the narrator, remains unnamed throughout the entire story, along with her co-character, “He”. Neither one of these characters are real people, rather they are representations of emotion. Both of these characters represent the various views of passion, love, commitment and fear. They do not represent any actual people and should notContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: Impatiently Waiting”

Photo Story Friday: Thoughts of the Innocent

Small. Fragile. Insignificant. Who sees her worth? Who takes time to turn an eye towards a creature such as this when there are so many other sights to be seen? She could fade away, break a wing, no one would notice. Who would really care? In the city, there is rarely a break from theContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: Thoughts of the Innocent”

Photo Story Friday: City Poems

Warning: the following story and poems may trigger people who have had experiences with mental illness. I don’t mean to scare or shame these people. I want everyone to know that it is okay to let people in and seek help if you are struggling. In this story, Jane’s mom makes a smart decision. SheContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: City Poems”

Photo Story Friday: Burning Calories

Running through sand burns more calories that just walking on the street right? Abby asked herself as she picked up her pace and raced across the shores of north-east lake Michigan. It was only nine o’clock in the morning so the sand was still cool from the night before. Abby, as always, was in aContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: Burning Calories”

Photo Story Friday: The Sand and the Sea

There is a love-hate relationship between the rolling waves of the ocean and the soft, sandy shores. Each day brings a new cycle of the romance that is rotating faster than the common man can process. The cycle begins in the early morning. The brilliant sun scales the horizon with rising warmth from behind theContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: The Sand and the Sea”

Photo Story Friday: Little Acorn

As dusk fell, it began to pour. The rain hit the ground with a massive force; an urban tsunami about to strike. The sun was setting, although no one could tell because of the dark clouds hanging low in the sky. A dreary day to say the least, all regular inhabitants of the streets hidden,Continue reading “Photo Story Friday: Little Acorn”

Photo Story Friday: My Friend Gerald

Behind the brick townhouses off the coast of Maine, there lies a still river. Each and every day, Lindsey waddles down to the side of the slowly rushing waters and throws leftover bread crumbs to the ducks that reside there. Although she is only a twelve year old girl, blonde tendrils of hair cascading overContinue reading “Photo Story Friday: My Friend Gerald”

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